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Mladen Urosevic

web developer

video game developer

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I finished the Faculty of Civil Engineering Department of Geodesy and Geoinformatics including master degree in Geoinformatics. In college, I gained knowledge of SQL language, database management systems as well as of the object-oriented programming.

Also, I learned the following programming languages:

Java, .Net, C Sharp, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, SQL.

Since the section of the master studies focuses on spatial data processing, I gained knowledge of spatial databases and servers for sharing spatial data.

I enjoy very much in programing so I dedicate most of my free time in improving my programing skills in order to gain more experience.

Currently, I focus most of my attention on making websites including both server (MySQL, PHP) and client side (JavaScript, CSS, HTML5).

I have a lot of experience in making 2D video games in Java and HTML5/JavaScript programing language. I own a license of Construct 2 software for creating HTML5 games that can be played on a plenty of different platforms. Construct 2 in addition to making games for the web has the possibility to export applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blueberry and other popular operating systems used by mobile devices.

I'm always open to new experiences and very enthusiastic about getting involved into new projects and expanding my knowledge of programming languages.

An example of developed website:

An example of developed game:

Save The Boat